Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

Well, it's been awhile and we're one house full of sick people feeling quite cooped up!  Consequently, I've taken some (of the little) free time I had this weekend between wiping snotty noses and snuggling sleepless, coughing babies to make a little wreath.  I posted the picture on Instagram and a few friends asked if I planned to blog it.  So I decided, why not?  My blog needs a little love and maybe your door needs a little Valentine's day pizzaz.

So this is my wreath!  It was pretty simple, just time consuming.  You'll need what's listed/identified above plus a styrofoam wreath, plenty of hot glue, a glue stick, and tape!

1 --> Start by wrapping the twine around your wreath.  This takes me close to two hours and fortunately when I set about to decorate the wreath I already had the wrapping done.  I highly suggest getting cozy on your couch and wrapping while watching some good TV during nap time or after bed time.  To hold my wrap I actually don't glue the start point, I just tie it to the wreath.  This is mostly because I'm sitting on the couch and feeling lazy.

2 --> When you're done wrapping, hot glue your finally twine wraps in place and check for open spots.  I wrap quickly, so I always notice a few places were styrofoam is peeking out at me mocking after.  So I take those spots, rewrap them and glue them.  

3 --> Next, I made the banner.  This part was so easy.  I just cut a few triangles until I got the size I liked.  Then I used it as a template to cut 3 more.  Then I cut another bigger triangle and used it as a template.  I wrote "L" "O" "V" "E" on each small triangle in my cursive handwriting and then used a glue stick to glue them to the big triangles.  

4 --> Then, I cut a big piece of white ribbon I had on hand from Christmas and centered the triangles on the ribbon.  I flipped them over and then just taped the ribbon to the top of the triangles toward their tops.  I use tape because I tried glue and just made a mess of things.  Tape is easy and you can cut off any overhang.

5 --> Next, lay your ribbon on your wreath and figure out how you want it to hang.  Then glue and snip!

6 --> Almost done! Now, the roses.  I made these using red felt that was 3/$1 in the craft section and I didn't even use a whole sheet.  I just cut strips (long ways), glued, and twisted and voila - felt flowers!  Now, I've been doing felt flowers awhile.  They're the only fabric flower I've figured out thanks to a few tutorials I watched/read in the past.  I have no idea which tutorials I used so I made one for you that's nice and short if you are interested.  My husband said I should not use this video because I shot it on my iPhone reverse cam so it's bad quality and my kitchen counters are dirty and did I mention my kids were sick so I look a little terrible... but I'm going to anyway.  Mostly because I just don't want to refilm.  Please don't laugh at me.  ;)

...And I was going to put the video here in an embedded format, but it's not working on my blog for some reason!  So here is the LINK to YouTube --->

7 --> Finally, using loads of hot glue, glue your flowers onto your wreath.  I practice placement before gluing so I know kind of what the finished product will look like.  :)

So there you have it!  A Valentine's Day wreath of love!  I really like it and am enjoying knowing it's on my door.  Now if only we were leaving the house more often so I could actually see it...


Homemaking Challenged said...

LOVE this craft, thanks for sharing! So glad to see you blogging again :) Glad you are enjoying my new series. Hope to hear more from you as well.

Julie S. said...

So so cute!